Let’s climb Mt.Fuji
Fujinomiya route

Mt.Fuji has 4 routes, and the nearest route from Nagoya is called Fujinomiya route.
Fujinomiya route is the shortest route to the top of the mountain, but the angle of inclination is the steepest.
You can go to the fifth station on Mt.Fuji
by car or bus.
Public transportation
↓2 hours and a half by Shinkansen or Express 
↓1 hour and a half by bus
The fifth station on Mt.Fuji

Fujinomiya route
Regulation of car during July to September
Park car at parking lot near Mt.Fuji and take a shuttle bus.

Park at Mizugazuka parking lot.
↓30~45min by bus
The fifthe station on Mt.Fuji

Fujinomiya route

The way from Kyoya
4hours by public transportation, 3hours and a half ~ 4hours by carCheck with full screen by clicking Ctrl and Shift
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Message from us
4hours to entrance of Fujinomiya route from Kyoya
Climbing is sometimes dangerous. Be prepared.