How to get to Mt. Fuji

I’ll introduce about how to get to the place where you can have a view of Mt. Fuji. 
You can enjoy beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji.
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Oshino Hakkai
4 hours from Kyoya by public transportation, 3.5 hours from Kyoya by carOshino Hakkai is a spring water pound that emits water sources to Mt.Fuji.

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How to get there
    • Go to Mishima by Shinkansen.(Nagoya → Mishima)
    • Go to Numazu by Tokaido line.(Mishima → Numazu)
    • Take Gotenba line to go to Gotenba.(Numazu → Gotenba)
    • Then, you’ll have 2 options.
      1. Take Local Bus route A1 or A2, and get off at Oshino Hakkai.
      2. Take Local Bus route C1, and get off at Oshino Hakkai Iriguchi

A1/Blue A2/Green C1/Orange↓

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How to get there 2
You can also go there by bus

    • Go to Mishima by Shinkansen. (Nagoya → Mishima)
    • Take Local Bus route A1 or C1, and get off at Oshino Hakkai(A1) or Oshino Hakkai Iriguchi(C1)
Fuji Shiba-Sakura Festival
75min fromShin-fuji station(Tokaido-Shinkansen), 3hours from Kyoya by car
Look at this beautiful scenery of full of Shiba-Sakura!

In 2019, Shiba-Sakura Festival is held during 4/13~5/26. Please check the official website.

Time table of bus in 2019

You can go to the fifth station on Mt.Fuji by car/bus. It takes time though.
It is highlry recommended for people who want to go to near Mt.Fuji.
The fifth station on Mt.Fuji
1hour from Kawaguchiko station, 5hours by car from Kyoya

You can also enjoy shopping.

The bus would be stopped because of roadblock. Please check the website etc carefully.

If you have questions, please feel free to send email to us.↓