How to Use Google Map

[voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]I am planning to go to Kanazawa, but I cannot find the way to go without using Shinkansen.

[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]When you would like to go somewhere by specific transportation, Please click “option” button.[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]Press the Bus button.[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]Then you can check the route of bus.[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Customer” type=”r”]I see.[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”京屋旅館” type=”l”]In addition, you can also check
・route that walking is less needed
・route with minimum changing trains
・the cheapest route[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Customer” type=”r”]Then, if I want to go by train, I have to put train button, right?[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]When you check route with car. Please tap the left side.[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]If you have any questions, please feel free to send email to us. ↓

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