Sorry,Offer is suspended now—Japanese Style Breakfast
( You can order on this page)

【Breakfast Menu】Japanese style breakfast
  (I am sorry, but this breakfast is not buffet.)
【Price】1,850 yen per person (tax excluded)
【Place】Dinning room
  (The dinning room will be closed at 9:00)
※Time might be changed, sorry.
※The menu depends on the season, weather, the day’s produce, and so on.
I would like to order breakfast. How can I order?
You can order breakfast at the front desk 1 day before in advance. You can also order through email or reservation form in this page.
Menu might depend on the day, but you can see some below.
Dinning room is located on the first floor.↓

    【Reservation form for breakfast】

    Please feel free to email us if you have any questions. ↓

    1,850 yen per person (tax excluded) 1 day before in advance