Sorry,Offer is suspended now—Japanese Style Breakfast
( You can order on this page)

[box class=”blue_box” title=”Breakfast”]【Breakfast Menu】Japanese style breakfast
  (I am sorry, but this breakfast is not buffet.)
【Price】1,850 yen per person (tax excluded)
【Place】Dinning room
  (The dinning room will be closed at 9:00)
※Time might be changed, sorry.
※The menu depends on the season, weather, the day’s produce, and so on.[/box] [voice icon=”” name=”Customer” type=”r”]I would like to order breakfast. How can I order?[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]You can order breakfast at the front desk 1 day before in advance. You can also order through email or reservation form in this page.[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]Menu might depend on the day, but you can see some below. [/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]Dinning room is located on the first floor.↓[/voice]

    【Reservation form for breakfast】

    [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]Please feel free to email us if you have any questions. ↓

    [btn class=”rich_yellow”]Email to :[/btn]


    1,850 yen per person (tax excluded) 1 day before in advance