Run through to Chubu Centrair International Airport

[voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]Have you ever tried direct bus to Chubu Centrair International Airport?
[/voice] [box class=”yellow_box” title=”Centrair Limousine”]
    • Centrair Limousine goes to the airport from several major stops(Nagoya station, Hilton Nagoya, Nagoya Kanko Hotel, and so on) Reservation is not needed.
      • Fare is 1300 yen. (The fare is subject to change.)
    [/box] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”] It will takes about 10 min from Kyoya to each bus stops by taxi. Using Centrair Limousine is cheaper than Using Taxi on a whole way.

    [voice icon=”” name=”Customer” type=”r”]I do not know how to ride the bus.[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]*Please confirm the latest time table on the official website just in case.
    [btn class=”rich_blue”]Meitetsu Bus Website[/btn] [btn class=”rich_yellow”]Map of Bus stops[/btn] [/voice] [box class=”blue_box” title=”Related Information”] [kanren2 postid=”1914″] [kanren2 postid=”1887″][/box] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]If you have questions, please feel free to send email to us. ↓

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    1 hour and half to the airport by Centrair Limousineå
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