How to get to Nagoya station from Kyoya

The Best Way
20 min on foot, 7 min by taxi
1.6km(1 mile)
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Which is the best way to go to Nagoya station? Subway?
You can go by subway, but the subway station is little bit far from Kyoya, so bus would be better.
10 min
Key Route Bus 1 or 14
The last stop, Nagoya station
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If your party member are 4, we highly recommend to go to Nagoya station by taxi.
We can call taxi, so please let us know if you want to hire a taxi.
I would like to go to Nagoya station by my car. Is there any parking areas around there?
Yes, but the parking fee is not cheap unless you buy something in the department store in Nagoya station.
Then I’ll take a taxi. Can you call a taxi at PM 3:00?
Of course. Please wait around front desk.
If you have questions, please feel free to send email to us. ↓

Bus 10min, On foot 20 min, Taxi 7min, from our inn