Garden view (1 to 2 people)

[voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]Sugi room and Tsubaki room are 13 square meters, so they suit for 1 to 2 people.[/voice] [box class=”green_box” title=”Sugi room”]1~2 people[/box] [btn class=”simple”]Photo Gallery[/btn]  
[box class=”green_box” title=”Tsubaki room”]1〜2 people[/box]
[btn class=”rich_red”]Check with full screen[/btn] [btn class=”simple”]Photo Gallery[/btn] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]The rooms are located on the first floor.[/voice]

[voice icon=”” name=”Customer” type=”r”]Do these two rooms have same design?[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]The design of the room is different.[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Customer” type=”r”]Can I choose a room?[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]If you have preference, please let us know when you book. (Please put down your preference on remarks or notes.)[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Customer” type=”r”]Does the room have bathroom?[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]The room has a modular bath. Our inn has a public bath, so you can also use the public bath. Public bath is open PM5:00 to AM8:00 next morning.[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Customer” type=”r”]Can I smoke?[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]I am terribly sorry, but smoking is prohibited in our inn.[/voice]

[voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]If you have questions, please feel free to send us email.

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13 square meters, 1~2 people, garden view, With modular bath, Non smoking