Free bicycle

We have free bicycles! Please feel free to use them.
When I use the bicycles, do I have to make a reservation?
No, you do not have to. When you use the bicycle, go to bicycle parking and use it. Here is the bicycle parking.↓

Go to the entrance and head to right.

Go to the gate and head to right.

Bicycle parking

Key of the bicycle is already set.
I would like to use the bicycle tomorrow morning, so can I keep two bicycles?
I am sorry, but these bicycles are first come first use.
Instruction and operation for use
・Do not ride double on bike.
・Make sure to lock the bike when you leave it.
・When you park the bike, please park it at proper place. Please do not park the bike in the area that parking is prohibited. If you leave a bike in prohibited area, your bike may be removed.
If you have questions, please feel free to send email to us.↓


We have free bicycles.(First come, first use)