Nagoya station to Kyoya
Taxi is the best way
If you split the payment, you can come to Kyoya really cheaply!

The way to go to Nagoya station
20 min on foot, 7 min by taxi
1.6km(1 mile)
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You can also go to Nagoya station by subway.
10 min from Kokusai dori station

By taxi Approximately 800 yen to 1000 yen

By bus 7min, 210 yen

Nagoya station, Sakuradori gate, Bus stop No.8

Then, you have 2 options.
①Key Route Bus No.1 which bound for Ozone(大曽根) or bound for Kamiida(上飯田)
②Key Route Bus No.14 which bound for Ozone(大曽根)

Please get off the bus at Meidoucho(明道町).

The map of bus stop

※This is an information as of November, 2019. The details may be subjected to change.

・Bus 210yen per person, 15~20 min
・Taxi Approximately 1000yen, 7 min
・Subway 210yen per person, 20 min

Taxi is reasonable if your party is 3 people or more.

If you have questions, please feel free to send email to us. ↓

From Nagoya station 20 min on foot, 7 min by taxi.