How to get to the airport by taxi?

[box class=”blue_box” title=”The Best Way”] 45 minutes by carYou can check with bigger screen clicking “Ctrl” key and “+” key.[/box] [voice icon=”” name=”Cusotmer” type=”r”]Is it possible to go to Chubu Centrair International Airport by taxi?[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]Certainly. Flat rate taxi is highly recommended.
[/voice] [box class=”yellow_box” title=”Flat rate taxi”]
    • You can go to the airport from Kyoya to the airport.
    • You do not have to worry about the fare.
    • About 14000 yen from Kyoya(highway fare is not included)
[/box] [voice icon=”” name=”Cusotmer” type=”r”]How can I call a taxi?[/voice] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]Please tell us. We can call a taxi for you. We recommend you to reserve a taxi the day before.[/voice] [box class=”blue_box” title=”Related Information”] [kanren2 postid=”1929″] [kanren2 postid=”1914″][/box] [voice icon=”” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]If you have questions, please feel free to send email to us. ↓

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Flat rate taxi (Kyoya to Cenrair)
about 14000 JPY~