Kariya Sakura Festival

[box class=”yellow_box” title=”The way from Kyoya”]1 hour and 10 min by train

You can check with full screen by clicking Ctrl and + key.[/box] [aside]Kariya Sakura Festival is held every year at Kijo Park.
In Kijo Park where Kariya Sakura Festival is held has approximately 400 cherry trees. The combination of a pond and the cherry blossoms are beautiful.
[/aside] [voice icon=”http://www.kyoya.to/faq/wp-content/uploads/logo_427x425_20161221-1.jpg” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]Cherry trees at night is also wonderful.
[/voice] [voice icon=”http://www.kyoya.to/faq/wp-content/uploads/logo_427x425_20161221-1.jpg” name=”Kyoya” type=”l”]The flyer 2018ver
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[/box] [aside]Kijo Park
15 min from Kariya station(Meitetsu Line)
15 min from Aizuma station(Tokaido Main Line)

1 hour and 10 min from Our inn.