How to get to Seki city ?

The way from Kyoya
1 hour and half by express train, 1 hour and 50 min by bus, 1 hour by car

You can check with full screen clicking Ctrl and + key.
If you have map app
You can use route guidance.
Seki Sword Tradition Museum
You can see some demonstrations of sword once a month.(300 yen)
Feather Museum
Cutting tool museum
Gifu Cutlery Hall
There are over 2000 cutleries. You can also buy cutlery, and try making cutlery.
Namonaki-Ike(Nameless Pond)
The pond that is similar to The Water Lilies by Claude Monet

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1 hour and half by express train
1 hour and 50 min by bus
1 hour by car