Let’s climb Mt. Fuji
Yoshida route

There are 4 routes when you climb the Mt. Fuji. The most popular route is Yoshida route.
You can go to the fifth point on the mountain by car or bus.
Public Transportation
Nagoya Station
↓4 hours or more by bus, Shinkansen, or train  
Kawaguchiko station
↓1 hour by bus
Fuji Subaru Line

Yoshida route
By car
Regulation of car during July to September
Park car at parking lot near Mt.Fuji and take a shuttle bus.

↓4 hours
Park at Fujisan Parking Lot.
↓1 hour by shuttle bus
Fuji Subaru Line

Yoshida route

The way from Kyoya
4 hours by public transportation, 4 hour s by carPlease press Ctrl and + to check with full screen
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Message from us
5 hours to the entrance of Yoshida route from Kyoya
Please be prepared!