Comfortable dormitory room
Laundry, free wifi, free coffee, good cost performance
Review from Korea

Thank you for the review from customer from Korea.

Summary of the review(translated by Google)
    • Dormitory room was comfortable. 20min on foot from Nagoya station.
    • Kyoya had laundry machine. Wifi was free. Tea, coffee, towel, night wear(Yukata) were also free.
    • Public bath was small but clean. Bath amenities were equipped.
    • Bicycle rental was also free. I stayed with 3500yen. It was worth to pay.
Laundry was good for guests who stayed 2 days or more.(200yen) Coffee, tea, wifi, towels, Yukata, Shampoo are free.
Bicycles are also free, but bike rent service is first come, first ride.
If you have questions, please feel free to send email to us.↓