Thank you for the souvenir

Thank you for souvenir from customer from Singapore. ↓
This is coconut jam made in BreadTalk.

This is the appearance of BreadTalk. It is nice.
・BreadTalk sells cakes and breads.
・There are 4000 shops around Asia area.
They sell many things like below.(These pics are from official HP)↓
Ingredients are sugar, eggs, coconut extract, modified strarch…Oh, what is Pandan Juice? ↓
What is Pandan Juice?
・Pandan Juice is one of the plants from Southeast Asia.
・It is used as flavoring.
・In Southeast Asia, Pandan Juice is in almost all green snacks, cakes, and so on.

Pandan Juice is not to everyone’s taste. Someone like it, but others hate it. It is called Oriental vanilla.
The green bin is flavored by Pandan Juice. Thank you for the unique souvenir.
If you have questions, please feel free to send email to us.↓