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Taxi is the most convenient way to get to Kyoya
from Nagoya Station ⇒1000JPY per taxi



Guest rooms are tatami floored rooms (Japanese-style, with futons instead of beds) with private baths. Public baths are available all-night. We also have a beautiful Japanese garden. However, the prices are inexpensive!

Attention: ‘Bed’ Rooms, in the above description about Room Type, are Not Western-style Beds, But Futons (Japanese-style Clothes used on Tatami Floor).

On Tuesday : Closing time : From  10:00 to 16:00Other : Closing time : From  10:00 to 14:00
LATEST Check In Time:21:00

We have 10 Japanese-style guest rooms. The environment around our ryokan is very quiet and peaceful, so you can relax and easily remove your tiredness of your travel.

Please enjoy our traditional Japanese structure.

From Private Rooms, you can appreciate a beautiful Japanese Garden.

Our Japanese-style public baths (divided between a Men’s bath and a Women’s bath), beside the Garden, are open 24 hours.

Please note that our last check in is at 21:00.Accommodation Information

Room amenities

LAN wireless internet

Hair dryer**

Toilet with automatic douche** (There are also public lavatories.)

Body soap** (Those are also in public baths.)

Shampoo** (Those are also in public baths.)



Yukata (Japanese-style Bathrobe)

Coin-lockers (on the corridor)

Earliest Check-in: 16:30Latest Check-out: 09:30
Closing time : From AM 10 to PM 2


1) Place Remembered in Connection with ‘3 Heroes’- 3 Heroes: Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Ieyasu Tokugawa, Great Leaders of the Samurai in the Warring State Period (Sengoku-jidai, 16th Cent.)
– They and Descendants of Ieyasu laid the groundwork for Nagoya (16th Cent. —> 19th Cent.).


2) Developed as the Main City of the Midland through Modern Times (19th Cent. —> Now)- Harmonizing Tradition with Innovation
– Established in Nagoya: Toyota, Noritake (Pottery), Masamura (Devised Modern Pachinko System), etc.


3) Between East (Tokyo) and West (Kyoto & Osaka)- Point of Cultural Exchange


There is Unique Atmosphere in Nagoya![Good Spots Near Kyoya Ryokan (Within 3km)]


1) Harmonizing Spots- Osu (Like Akihabara & Harajuku & Kyoto)
– Endoji (Old & Friendly Downtown between Nagoya Sta. and Kyoya Ryokan)


2) Traditional Spots- Shike-michi (Many Mud-walled Warehouses)
– Nagoya Castle (Symbol of Nagoya)

– Sumo Tournament in Nagoya (Aichi Pref. Gym/Only in July)


3) Nostalgic Spots- Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology
– Noritake Garden

– Nayabashi Bridge (e.g. Old Kato Shokai Ltd. Bldg.)
– Meido-cho (Shops of Cheap Sweets & Toys)


4) Up-to-date Spots- Nagoya Station Zone (Nagoya-eki or Meieki)
– Sakae Zone (e.g. TV Tower, Oasis 21, Sunshine Sakae)

[Information of Events in Nagoya]

January: Illuminations around Nagoya Sta., Osu Sagicho Fire Festival, Atsuta Hosha Shinji (Arrow Shot Ceremony/ Atsuta Shrine)

February: Mame-maki (Ceremony of Scattering Parched Beans/ Osu), Kinekosa Festival (Climbing up the green bamboo in the middle of the river/ Nanasho Shrine), Ozone Hina Meguri (Japanese dolls displayed for the Girl’s Festival day/ Ozone), Love Illumination (Special Exhibition for St. Valentine’s Day and White Day/ Orchid Gardens), Owari Tokugawa Hina Matsuri (Special Exhibition for the Girl’s Festival day/ Tokugawa Museum), Plum blossom viewing (e.g. Nagoya Castle)

March: Owari Tokugawa Hina Matsuri (Special Exhibition for the Girl’s Festival day/ Tokugawa Museum), Love Illumination (Special Exhibition for St. Valentine’s Day and White Day/ Orchid Gardens)

April: Cherry blossom viewing (e.g. Nagoya Castle, Shonai-ryokuchi Park), Osu Spring Festival

May: Wisteria flower viewing (e.g. Meijo Park), Wakamiya Festival (Moving a unique float/ Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine), Thailand Festival (Sakae Zone)

June: Atsuta Festival (Fireworks Display/ Atsuta Shrine), Nishi-biwajima Festival (Fireworks Display/ Nishi-biwajima), Benten Festival (Festival for being pleased to start the rainy season/ Joshin), Iris flower viewing (e.g. Meijo Park), Hydrangea flower viewing (e.g. Meijo Park)

July: Sumo Tournament in Nagoya (Aichi Pref.Gym), Nagoya Port Festival (Fireworks Display/ Nagoya Port), Endoji Tanabata Festival (Decorated with Big Hand-made Dolls/ Endoji), Nakamura Park Summer Festival (Fireworks Display/ Nakamura Park)

August: World Cosplay (Costume Play) Summit (Osu and Sakae Zone), Osu Summer Festival (Osu daiko (drums) & Hand-held Fireworks Display), Nagoya Castle Summer Night Festival, Hirokoji Festival (Sakae Zone), Nippon Domannaka Festival (Nagoya Sta., Endoji and Sakae Zone)

September: All Japan Prefecture People’s Festival (Pretty Characters like Hikonyan gathered in Nagoya/ Sakae Zone)

October: Nagoya Festival (the Biggest autumn event in Nagoya, ‘3 Heroes’ appearing/ Nagoya Sta. and Sakae Zone), Osu Street Performing Festival (Many street performers showing Japanese-style performance), Chrysanthemum Dolls of Nagoya Castle

November: Chrysanthemum Dolls of Nagoya Castle, Illuminations around Nagoya Sta., Dome Yakimono World (Pottery Festival/ Nagoya Dome), Autumn leaves viewing (e.g. Higashiyama Park, Tokugawa Garden)

December: Handbell Concerts (e.g. Nagoya Sta. Zone, Kanayama Zone), Illuminations around Nagoya Sta.Please enjoy Nagoya well.
Arigato-gozaimasu! (Thank you!)


– Marunouchi (There is a ‘Maid Izakaya’!)
– Masamura Pachinko Museum
– Nagoya Noh Theater (English Guide at Regular Parformance)
– Joshin (Many Restaurants Offering Inexpensive Dishes & Birthplace of Modern Pachinko System)
[What City is Nagoya?]
Tea pot set**

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